Apaxil Salviette Antitraspiranti
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Apaxil Antiperspirant Wipes – 20 Sachets

115,00 lei

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Product Description

The disposable wipe, based on the original and exclusive Apaxil Antiperspirant  formula, allows you to have Apaxil handy, in every moment of the day.

Thanks to the APAXIL ANTIPERSPIRANT WIPE it is possible tocombat hyperhidrosis in any situation, practically and discreetly.

The APAXIL ANTIPERSPIRANT WIPE  eliminates the excessive sweat and provides a unique protection against heavy sweating and odour, leaving the skin soft and dry.

The Apaxil Antiperspirant Wipes are suitable for all parts of the body.

Avoid contact with mucous membranes such as the lips, eyes, genitals, nostrils.


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