Hands / Feet

Sweat Control Hands/Feet Treatment

Apaxil Sweat Control Hands/Feet is a specific treatment against the excessive activity of the palmar and plantar sweat glands. Its researched formula effectively fights the unpleasant ” foot-print” effect caused by excessive perspiration, as well as the common everyday inconveniences such as a wet and slippery handshake, or feet with a halo of a persistently unpleasant odour.

The original and novel formula based on aluminium chloride in a gel composition is easy to apply, dries quickly, and leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness without addition of perfume.

For a more lasting effect, complete the treatment by using Apaxil Antiperspirant Day Cream in the morning.

Apaxil Antiperspirant Day Cream for Hands/Feet

Apaxil Day Cream for Hands/Feet is the ideal treatment for those who suffer from excessive sweating of the feet, which is often accompanied by a strong odour, as well as for those who suffer from “wet hands”. This pleasant day cream keeps the skin softer, slightly perfumed and naturally dry.