How does it work?

Apaxil Sweat Control – Armpits contains an active ingredient which temporarily seals the sweat glands. Contrary to other anti-perspiration products on the market, Apaxil assures a prolonged blockage of the glands giving you a longer and more effective protection.

Can I always continue to use it?

Yes. Apaxil is adequately formulated for regular use.

What happens if I stop using it?

The product film which acts on the glands will peal off from your skin and you will  gradually start sweating as before.

Why should I apply it at night instead of in the morning?

Because the activity of the sweat glands is more regular during the night and therefor easier to correct.

Should I use Apaxil instead of my deodorant?

No. Continue with your normal deodorant. Apaxil Sweat Control works independently from it. This way you can keep your preferred perfume. Apaxil is a night-time treatment. In the morning, just wash arm pits normally, and apply your normal deodorant as you are used to.

Can I use Apaxil if I’m pregnant?

Apaxil is safe to use, also during pregnancy.  If you are in doubt we always recommend to contact your doctor for advice.

Can I use Apaxil on other places on the body?

Yes. You can use Apaxil on other parts of the body where you have excessive or bothersome perspiration, being very careful to avoid mucus membranes such as eyes, mouth, genitals etc.

Perspiration is a mechanism to regulate body temperature; therefore do not cover more than max. 10% of your body surface at one time with an antiperspirant.

Why do I sometimes feel a burning sensation after using Apaxil?

The most common reason is that you may not have used the product correctly. Remember to apply Apaxil on dry skin and only at night when the sweat production by the glands is normally much lower than during the day. It could also be that your skin is particularly sensitive. As you know, each person’s skin is different, but it’s not sure it always reacts the same way to the same treatment. This can be due to external factors such as stress and humidity. However, if the burning sensation should persist, we suggest you suspend treatment for some days until the irritation goes away. At this point, you may try again, perhaps leaving 24 hours between each application.

Can I get Alzheimer’s disease from using an antiperspirant with aluminum?

According to the US Alzheimers Association, Alzheimer’s disease (which is characterized by the progressive breakdown of a person’s mental abilities) has no known single cause. The US Alzheimer’s Association has stated: “The link between Aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease has never been conclusively proven… The research community is generally convinced that Aluminum is not a key risk factor in developing Alzheimer’s disease. Public health bodies sharing this conviction include the World Health Organization (WHO), the U.S. National Institutes of Health, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and Health Canada.”

Can I get breast cancer from using antiperspirant with aluminium?

The American Cancer Society is not aware of any strong epidemiologic studies reporting a statistical association between breast cancer risk and antiperspirant use. To the contrary, a carefully designed epidemiologic study of this issue published in 2002 compared 813 women with breast cancer and 793 women without the disease and found no relationship between breast cancer risk and antiperspirant use, deodorant use, or underarm shaving.