Anti-Shine Face Cream for the Day

The face is often an area that people with excessive perspiration are concerned about. Heat, physical exercise, anger, anxiety and other stressful situations can be the cause, along with an over-rich diet often results in excessive sweating in the face, especially around the T- zone. The result is that look which we define ‘shiny’, and forces us to keep a handkerchief handy at all times.

Apaxil Anti-Shine Cream was created to prevent the embarrassing and uncomfortable problem of a shiny face. Television presenters suffer particularly from this , and the new Apaxil formula was in fact developed specifically for them. It effectively absorbs excess oil and sweat produced by the skin, leaving the skin fresh, clean and silky looking. Many women have also discovered that it is an ideal base for make-up.

Apaxil Anti-Shine Cream is effective against facial impurities  in general. It is especially suitable  against juvenile acne.