Sweat Control Armpits Treatment

It is highly recommended to apply Apaxil Sweat Control in the evening before going to bed. In fact, it is during the night that the product is most effective.

  • Before going to bed, wash armpits with soap and water and dry thoroughly
  • Apply Apaxil to both armpits, and let the product dry well. If necessary, even use a hair dryer
  • Remember that one or two passes are enough, because Apaxil is very effective
  • The morning after, wash armpits with soap and water and apply your regular deodorant
  • Continue to apply Apaxil every night until the intensity of your perspiration is normalized (usually after three or four applications), then reduce applications to five to three per week until you reach a level of perspiration with which you are comfortable
  • In this way, your perspiration will remain under control during the day, even in the shower, in the bath, or in the swimming pool.

Deodorant Armpits Antiperspirant

The Deodorant Armpits Antiperspirant is the daytime deodorant developed for people who suffer from excessive sweating. It keeps the skin dry and provides a pleasant, long-lasting sensation of freshness.


As with all deodorants and antiperspirants, do not apply Apaxil to wet, irritated or broken skin. After underarm shaving or depilation, wait 48 hours before application. In case the skin is irritated suspend Apaxil applications until the irritation has passed.