Sweat Control Armpits Treatment

Apaxil Sweat Control Armpits is the concrete and radical solution to the problem of under-arm perspiration. It is the first anti-perspirant which works specifically to normalize the excess under-arm perspiration already from the third application.

The new formula of Apaxil Sweat Control contains a stronger concentration of aluminium chloride, which makes it even more effective in “sedating” the super active sweat glands for hours, normalizing the level of perspiration.

Apaxil Sweat Control also has an effective antibacterial action against the formation of unpleasant odours. For a more lasting effect, use the Apaxil Armpits Antiperspirant to complete the treatment.

Armpits Antiperspirant

The Armpits Antiperspirant is the daytime deodorant developed for people who suffer from excessive sweating. It keeps the skin dry and provides a pleasant, long-lasting sensation of freshness.